First Steps  *NEW*

Introducing our brand new toddlers class!

What mom hasn't imagined taking their child to their first-ever dance class? Your cutie-patootie will learn to interact and socialize with other children their age and start to develop a sense of independence, all while playing fun games that will have them excited for class every week. What better way to start off your child's dance journey? 


Recommended for children ages 3-5

Contortion Invitational  *NEW*

Introducing our brand new competitive contortion class!

Have you ever dreamed about being able to wow a crowd with unbelievable shows of strength and flexibility? Now you can learn how! The Rose Pointe Dance Company offers one of the best Acrobatic Contortion classes in all of Winnipeg! Our dancers get invited all over the world to compete and perform in Acrobatics and Contortion and now you can be a part of our esteemed program too!


Invitational only. Contact us for more details! 


Beginner Ballet     

The perfect class to introduce your prima ballerina to the world of dance! Students will get to learn basic movements and techniques while having fun and developing a love of dance that's sure to last a lifetime.  


Recommended for children ages 6-8


Jump into Jazz      

A fun, easy class for students who are new to dancing. Jump into Jazz focuses on teaching basic techniques, coordination, and flexibility through fun games and activities.

Recommended for children ages 6-8 

Novice Hip Hop

Jam-packed with energy, this class is a blast! Students are taught basic hip-hop concepts and movements while working off some of their endless energy.

Recommended for children ages 7-11 or first-time dancers.


One of the most classical forms of dance, Ballet helps build a strong foundation for every other style. Whether you want to strengthen your ballet technique or improve your overall dance-ability, this is a great choice.

Recommended for all dancers ages 9+, especially those that want to dance at a high level.


En Pointe Preparation *NEW*

Learning to dance en pointe is a major step in a dancers life and is a fundamental skill for those wishing to pursue a career in Ballet. This preparation class will focus on basic techniques and strengthening exercises to prepare students to go en pointe.


Invitational only.


A great choice for all dancers! This is a fun, energetic class that helps bring out the inner performer. Students will focus on building techniques, facials, performance value, and confidence.

Recommended for dancers ages 9+

Intermediate Hip Hop

Learn to pop-and-lock like a pro (or maybe even better)! Hard-hitting and fast-paced, students will get to dance to the most current music as they learn one of the most popular styles out there!

Recommended for dancers ages 12+ or more experienced dancers



A combination of flexibility and fluid body motion, acrobatic dance is a style like no other. Students will be taught a variety of tricks in this class, learning how to use the body to its full potential.

Recommended for dancers ages 10+

Stretching & Conditioning

This class is a perfect choice for any dancer that wants to improve their strength and flexibility. Whether you want to achieve your flat splits or finally get your back to bend the way you want it to, this is a great technique class.

Recommended for all dancers ages 9+ 

Classes for All Dancers