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COVID-19 Update


We've missed your smiles, we've missed your laughter.... we've missed you!

We know that our season last year ended with a whimper; Zoom classes were great but just not the same. At least we could still talk with each other and work on our stretching and some skills. 

We hope you are all ready for the new season, we sure are.

As with all things right now, dance classes will be different this year or until there are new Provincial Directives. 

So what does that mean for our dancers and their parents and guardians?

1. All students will arrive for class ready to dance. Change space will not be available. We ask that all dancers come with the appropriate hair and attire for their class. Please reference our Dress Code for more information.

 2. All students will be asked to sign in when entering the building. We are following this procedure to ensure an accurate contact trace list. They will be asked to answer the COVID screening questions. Any child that fails the initial screening will not be allowed in the building.

 Parents of those too young to sign in on their own may accompany the child only as far as signing them in at the front doors. 

3. Students will need to sanitize their hands before proceeding to class.

4. Dancers will be temperature tested at the door as well. If they fail the temperature test, we will recheck after 5 minutes. A second failure will require them to not attend that class. They must return home. 

5. Upon entering the dance studio water bottles will be placed in their designated spots. We would appreciate our dancers not bringing their usual dance bags. Please bring as little as possible with you to class. The water fountain is closed until further notice. All dancers must bring their own water bottle with them.  No exceptions. 

6. If a dancer leaves the studio to use the washroom they must wash and dry their hands and sanitize them again before re-entering the studio space. No exceptions.

7. Dancers will endeavour to social distance except for brief interactions( standards taken from the Provincial Directive on youth sports including dance).

Reminders will be given when required. To help start our year and allow students to learn "their space" the floor will be taped to indicate their area. 

8. At this time, masks are not mandatory but are encouraged. Should the Province change that Directive we will adhere to provincial regulations. 

9. At the end of class, each teacher will sanitize the studio space before the next class may enter. All equipment used during a class be it barre, mats, stretching devices will all be sanitized before the next class to ensure the safety of everyone.

10. Parents and guardians may not stay for classes. Your children will be sent out directly after class to your vehicles. Your punctuality is greatly appreciated on dropping them off and picking them up.   All classes will end 5 minutes earlier than usual to give us time to sanitize the space between classes. 

As updates are given by the Province of Manitoba, we will update these policies. If you have any questions, please contact us via text or email. We will answer as quickly as we are able. If it is urgent, please contact our office manager Tracy via text. 

We are thrilled to be back and start out on the right foot. 

And....5, 6, 7, 8!

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